ASAD#22 The musical genius

Jason Charlie Beck comes from Canada, lived in Paris and Berlin, settled down now in Cologne. He is known for having the record for the longest piano concert, winning a grammy, being an awesome producer, a wonderful songwriter, being satirical and the worst MC in the world. He is better known as Chilly Gonzales. I not only adore his albums for Solo Pianos I & II, but also love his little works, masterclasses as a music theorist on pop music. Continue reading

ASAD#20 Tricot and Afrirampo

Today I want to share with you two Japanese bands. First a new hyped, by NME band and then one of my favorites Afrirampo.

Tricot have been around for some years also played shows in Europe, but recently got some attention from big english zines, featuring their first english interview. The former quartet is now a three piece band with a session drummer. Their music is defined by their sharp precise rhythms and the voice of Ikkyu. Mostly slightly distorted, sparsely noisy,  stinging rhythmical guitar play gets dubbed by smooth soft, often polyphonic, singing, spoken word or clean shouts. If you are into math rock with weird cords and askew rhythms with a luring voice, definitely check it out.

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ASAD#19 Updated Indie heroes of my youth

What can I say, its Modest Mouse. Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green and Eric Judy founded the band in 1993. They had a few line up changes through time, even the former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joined in for a few years. For me Modest Mouse wrote some of the most memorable songs, that even nowadays make me smile or sad. Its the combination of meticulous songwriting with lyrics, which felt always right or the other way round.
So here we go, a classic called Float On. Its supposed to be a positive song. Broc wrote in response to ongoing bad news, connected to the Bush government. The call for a day off, to leave the sad surrounding and the world full of war behind, is for me seems more a desperate cry for inner composure due to helplessness and confusion. For me still one of their best, next to the dogs.

In the beginning of March Modest Mouse will release a new album “Strangers to ourselves”, which I thrillingly look forward to.

via. Modest Mouse, Wikipedia

ASAD#17 Sound of Austria

I chose todays song, due to recent occurrences. As an Austrian living in a foreign country  you are often faced with conversation like the this one:

“Where to you come from?”
“Ahh Sydney?”
“No, Austria, not Australia.” (I actually thought this part is often a bit exaggerated, but it happened to me often. Also quite logical, because its one of the worlds biggest countries, but lets continue) ”
“Oh, Vienna, Salzburg and I love Sound of Music.”
“Ahh… Sound of Music”

It is, at least for me, quite clear by now, that the movie is probably more famous in other countries than in Austria itself. I think also Falco was often confronted with this subject –on a short note, what a freaky music video. I myself, now know what it is all about, but I have never seen it entirely, but I got myself updated about the movie and the true history of the Trapp family. The movie itself is bit of weird and kitschy to me. What is quite interesting though is, that I met a lot of young people, that  love the movie and actually travel to Hallstatt, Salzburg to see the scenery of the movie. It is always interesting to me, how some places of a country are famous, because of certain instances.
But enough talk, here we go and at the same time let’s learn something about music. Isn’t that nice!

And the hills are alive with the sound of music, or not?

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