A fresh start, another ride!

Since I have not been posting anything last year, I want to start again. I will focus on sharing music and my thoughts on it with you. I still take some pictures and will share some shots with you, not only from concerts.

I appreciate all your feedback and feel free to drop a message.

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I wish you all a successful year filled with happiness!

Traditional let’s start off with an Austrian Classic – The new year’s concert by the Wiener Philharmoniker.



ASAD# 24 The High Priestess of Soul

Thanks to the grammy awards, especially the performance of Hoizer & Annie Lennox, which is definitely worth a listen, I am gonna write about Nina Simone today. Her life was coined by many barricades and misfortunes. Her early strive to become a classical pianist was interfered with by racism and strict family situation, but none of the less she became one of the extraordinary artists, pianists and performer in the 20th century. She was a figure of activism for black people rights, but at the same time all her struggle especially with nearest members, like her husband as well as manager, has brought her into extensive difficulties with tax-agencies and royalty management, and consequent money. Strangely enough the most light was shed on her by Channel Nr.5, which choose her song “My baby don’t cares for me” for an advertisement. Continue reading

ASAD#21 Reggae DUBbed with Soul from NewZeeland

At least seven people make up the band/collective called Fat Freddy`s Drop. Their album “Based on a true Story” (2005) was the highest selling album of a national artist in New Zealand. The album has clearly a strong influence from dub and reggae, but features songs with great soul influence. Here and there one can find some R’n’B parts and even techno influences. The same counts for the intelligent mixture of styles in their album Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW, listen to Boondigga, if you’re into soul.
The strong backbone of the collective lies in the harmony between members, which is highlighted in they live performances, where the very often additional bring an MC with them, and jams. Continue reading

ASAD#18 Dutch Stoner Rock

Yama is the God of Death and Illusion in Tibetan Vedism, the Japanese word for mountain, Papiamento for shouting, and Sanskrit for ban or prohibition. I connect a special period of my life with the dutch band Yama. I have seen them several times live and although they are to the creme de la creme of stoner rock bands, they are heavily grooving their way through time and space. Most succinctly for their music is the use of an interestingly distorted voice. Otherwise nothing too fancy, more straight low-paced heavy stomping rock. Last December the pleased their loyal fans with a new album called Ananta. They also managed to play last year at the legendary stoner and doom festival Roadburn in Tilburg, where you need to be an ancient dutch metalhead to get a ticket or order at least a year upfront.

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