ASAD#21 Reggae DUBbed with Soul from NewZeeland

At least seven people make up the band/collective called Fat Freddy`s Drop. Their album “Based on a true Story” (2005) was the highest selling album of a national artist in New Zealand. The album has clearly a strong influence from dub and reggae, but features songs with great soul influence. Here and there one can find some R’n’B parts and even techno influences. The same counts for the intelligent mixture of styles in their album Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW, listen to Boondigga, if you’re into soul.
The strong backbone of the collective lies in the harmony between members, which is highlighted in they live performances, where the very often additional bring an MC with them, and jams. Continue reading

ASAD#20 Tricot and Afrirampo

Today I want to share with you two Japanese bands. First a new hyped, by NME band and then one of my favorites Afrirampo.

Tricot have been around for some years also played shows in Europe, but recently got some attention from big english zines, featuring their first english interview. The former quartet is now a three piece band with a session drummer. Their music is defined by their sharp precise rhythms and the voice of Ikkyu. Mostly slightly distorted, sparsely noisy,  stinging rhythmical guitar play gets dubbed by smooth soft, often polyphonic, singing, spoken word or clean shouts. If you are into math rock with weird cords and askew rhythms with a luring voice, definitely check it out.

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ASAD#19 Updated Indie heroes of my youth

What can I say, its Modest Mouse. Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green and Eric Judy founded the band in 1993. They had a few line up changes through time, even the former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joined in for a few years. For me Modest Mouse wrote some of the most memorable songs, that even nowadays make me smile or sad. Its the combination of meticulous songwriting with lyrics, which felt always right or the other way round.
So here we go, a classic called Float On. Its supposed to be a positive song. Broc wrote in response to ongoing bad news, connected to the Bush government. The call for a day off, to leave the sad surrounding and the world full of war behind, is for me seems more a desperate cry for inner composure due to helplessness and confusion. For me still one of their best, next to the dogs.

In the beginning of March Modest Mouse will release a new album “Strangers to ourselves”, which I thrillingly look forward to.

via. Modest Mouse, Wikipedia

ASAD#18 Dutch Stoner Rock

Yama is the God of Death and Illusion in Tibetan Vedism, the Japanese word for mountain, Papiamento for shouting, and Sanskrit for ban or prohibition. I connect a special period of my life with the dutch band Yama. I have seen them several times live and although they are to the creme de la creme of stoner rock bands, they are heavily grooving their way through time and space. Most succinctly for their music is the use of an interestingly distorted voice. Otherwise nothing too fancy, more straight low-paced heavy stomping rock. Last December the pleased their loyal fans with a new album called Ananta. They also managed to play last year at the legendary stoner and doom festival Roadburn in Tilburg, where you need to be an ancient dutch metalhead to get a ticket or order at least a year upfront.

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