ASAD# 25 Blister in the sun & Brian V.

Songwriter and singer Gordon Gano and bassist Brian Ritchie are the constant members of the Violent Femmes. The percussionist Victor De Lorenzo was a founding member and long-time drummer at different times. The band was quite successful right away with their first and self-titled album in 1983. Over the next twenty year they some smaller hits here and there, but everything got slightly overshadowed by a lawsuit between Gano and Ritchie over royalties, connected to the usage of the song “Blister in the sun” for a commercial. But in 2013 they reunited and found a new drummer, which is one my favourite, called Brian Viglione.

Violent Femmes and the Dresden Dolls played a show together and apparently they were impressed and stuck with Brian. Check out the whole show here [1] and some thoughts from Amanda [2]. So the Violent Femmes still touring around and nowadays together with the Barenaked Ladies, but for now in 2015 only in the US.

But lets stick to the classic and the immediate catchy tune for the next days.

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