ASAD# 24 The High Priestess of Soul

Thanks to the grammy awards, especially the performance of Hoizer & Annie Lennox, which is definitely worth a listen, I am gonna write about Nina Simone today. Her life was coined by many barricades and misfortunes. Her early strive to become a classical pianist was interfered with by racism and strict family situation, but none of the less she became one of the extraordinary artists, pianists and performer in the 20th century. She was a figure of activism for black people rights, but at the same time all her struggle especially with nearest members, like her husband as well as manager, has brought her into extensive difficulties with tax-agencies and royalty management, and consequent money. Strangely enough the most light was shed on her by Channel Nr.5, which choose her song “My baby don’t cares for me” for an advertisement. Around the nineties she received high reputation, won a grammy and many followers. But she became an icon, a high priestess of Soul after she died.  She spent her last years struggling against breast cancer in Paris.  Her musical genius lies not only in her unique style of piano playing, that resulted out of the classical music background and a her huge admiration for Bach mixed with Soul and Jazz, but also in her expressive voice and performance, that are a reflection of her story, as a black woman experiencing a frustrating and unstable life. Nevertheless she was an inspiration to many artists, the list is long as the numbers of cover versions.

This is my favorite song of Nina Simone

via wikipedia & Nina Simone
Picture Credit: Roland Godefroy

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