ASAD#22 The musical genius

Jason Charlie Beck comes from Canada, lived in Paris and Berlin, settled down now in Cologne. He is known for having the record for the longest piano concert, winning a grammy, being an awesome producer, a wonderful songwriter, being satirical and the worst MC in the world. He is better known as Chilly Gonzales. I not only adore his albums for Solo Pianos I & II, but also love his little works, masterclasses as a music theorist on pop music. Watch all of them, they are really entertaining, funny, insigthfull e.g. [1][2]. And big news 2015 comes a new album called “Chambers”, watch the trailer here. Just the first few notes sound auspiciously. But lets go back a few years and have a listen to a long-time favorite of mine, called Dot:

via. Chilly Gonzales & Wiki

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