ASAD#21 Reggae DUBbed with Soul from NewZeeland

At least seven people make up the band/collective called Fat Freddy`s Drop. Their album “Based on a true Story” (2005) was the highest selling album of a national artist in New Zealand. The album has clearly a strong influence from dub and reggae, but features songs with great soul influence. Here and there one can find some R’n’B parts and even techno influences. The same counts for the intelligent mixture of styles in their album Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW, listen to Boondigga, if you’re into soul.
The strong backbone of the collective lies in the harmony between members, which is highlighted in they live performances, where the very often additional bring an MC with them, and jams. But their songwriting is down to the bone: “We throw a lot of ingredients into the writing and recording process, and then spend the rest of the time pulling things out to make sure the tastiest pieces have room to breathe,” says Fitchie [1]. One can hear these different personalities and style also on their latest album Backbird, that again features heavy dub piece, electronic vibes and clean soft soul songs. In the near future they will release their itunes Sessions recorded at the famous Roundhead Studios, which sound very interesting.

I want to share with you the super groovy Jam, that was recorded in 2010 at the Red Bull Music Studio in Wellington.

Here are the other songs from the session: Blackbird, the very bluesy Rain,  the R’n’B song Del Fuego and the dubby song Shiverman, with a funny begin.

via. FFD, Wiki

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