ASAD#20 Tricot and Afrirampo

Today I want to share with you two Japanese bands. First a new hyped, by NME band and then one of my favorites Afrirampo.

Tricot have been around for some years also played shows in Europe, but recently got some attention from big english zines, featuring their first english interview. The former quartet is now a three piece band with a session drummer. Their music is defined by their sharp precise rhythms and the voice of Ikkyu. Mostly slightly distorted, sparsely noisy,  stinging rhythmical guitar play gets dubbed by smooth soft, often polyphonic, singing, spoken word or clean shouts. If you are into math rock with weird cords and askew rhythms with a luring voice, definitely check it out.

Afrirampo were the crazy noise rock duo. Their music is a crazy mixture between extroverted vocals, calls cries, hollers, catchy riffs, very memorable melodies, energized drumming and a huge portion of electric guitar noise. They are also famous for their overtly dramatic and powerful live performances, which makes them even more outstanding. Noteworthy is also, that they integrated african drum rhythms and melodies into their music, which makes it even more eclectic but sometimes it produces states of trance.

A important note:

Both are all female bands and one should acknowledge that. I don’t want to but any special meaning  beside that, female artists in some genres still are under represented and often reduced to aspects of their gender besides their music and creativity. Here is a recent discussion in german [1,2] and some basic facts and problematics summarized by No Origin [3] about the role of gender in the eyes of music critics and journalists.

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