ASAD#19 Updated Indie heroes of my youth

What can I say, its Modest Mouse. Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green and Eric Judy founded the band in 1993. They had a few line up changes through time, even the former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joined in for a few years. For me Modest Mouse wrote some of the most memorable songs, that even nowadays make me smile or sad. Its the combination of meticulous songwriting with lyrics, which felt always right or the other way round.
So here we go, a classic called Float On. Its supposed to be a positive song. Broc wrote in response to ongoing bad news, connected to the Bush government. The call for a day off, to leave the sad surrounding and the world full of war behind, is for me seems more a desperate cry for inner composure due to helplessness and confusion. For me still one of their best, next to the dogs.

In the beginning of March Modest Mouse will release a new album “Strangers to ourselves”, which I thrillingly look forward to.

via. Modest Mouse, Wikipedia

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