ASAD#16 A swell of words?

Two years ago I stumbled upon the guys from Two Gallants. Adam Stephens und Tyson Vogel took their bands name from a short story from James Joyce. Their music to me is defined by rusty guitar sound, often finger picked but amplified, mixed with a punk style drumming and topped with exaggerated, storytelling lyrics. At live concerts, they have an enormous aura, that swallows and immerses you. Most of their songs, lean on a tradition of american folk music and deal with bitterness, love stories, injustice and collapsed or broken societies (mostly relating to the U.S.) on a high metaphoric level. The best example is the “dylanesque” song “Waves of grain”, that still is debated on, whether it is an anti-Bush, an anti-religious song or what the metaphors can mean overall. Take time and listen to it.

But back to state of art. Next week they release their new album “We are undone” and they shard the equally named song. On a short notice, I like it, the riff and the high energy guitar and vocals But I hope there are some more unconventional, folky song structure to find on the album. Because it is the mixture of distorted guitar picking, coarsely sung folky lyrics and highly dynamic drum playing, that makes Two Gallants most special for me.

via. Two Gallants, Pitchfork & Wikipedia
photo credits: Jente Gielen

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