ASAD #15 Back to the roots: Metal

19 years back the sweet Swedes “At the Gates”  made their last album –yes there was some band splitting and stagnation– and now they are back with a waltzing melodic death metal album, that lets the hearts of every fan and critic bounce faster. Their last album “Slaughter of the Soul” was most influential for Swedish melodic death metal and this one connects right to it. Stripped, fast melodic riffs, pressuring drumming together with rusty screams make up this record. Sprinkled with some interluding pieces, like the opening speech  “El Altar del Dios Desconocido” (“The Altar of the Unknown God”) citing the Argentine  lyricist Ernesto Sabato. But otherwise the songs are straight but still capturing. The album was a success in the charts and I have to say it is pretty damn good old school melodic death metal.

via rolling stone & wikipedia, photo credit

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