ASAD#14 A bluegrass traveling circus

Larry and His Flask are a band, which can be described by various music styles, such as folk, bluegrass, soul, brass band, punk, surf-rock with nuances of brass etc. Some call them simple a folk-punk band and yes, they put on a high energetic, hell of a performance. But they also impress with harmonic vocals, fast-paced guitar riffs, bass-lines and brass parts. They have toured  the world with big names like Wanda Jackson, The Dropkick Murphys, Lucero and many more. Check out their awesome 6 song EP “Hobos Lament” and their full-length album “By The Lamplight”, which both guarantee to get your limbs shaking, and it’s all about shaking, on stage and off stage, so fun time music for everybody!


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