ASAD#5 Straight to the point, efficient and exciting

The title is a part from the SAVAGES‘ philosophy of their music. It seems to me that they always have been very conceptual about their music and artistic expression. As a band coming from London one can hear the musical ancestors from a post punk area, like Joy Division or even PJ Harvey. Their debut Silence Yourself got nominated for the Mercury Price and was highly vowed by various music  journalists. In November they joined up with Bo Ningen to make a dadistic concert, based on simultaneous poetry, called Words to the Blind.

For me Silence Yourself  is a great album and I want to share the song Marshal Dear with you. The song, in detail the voice and the kind of vulnerable urgency,  reminds me of Nick Cave. The noise sets in and everything is decided or destroyed in the battle of I and marshal dear. The video is apparently based around the failed assassination of Hitler by Rommel out of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse Five. The focus later was shifts onto a woman manufacturing a bomb. She then realizes the deconstructive power of the things she is producing and the circle of destruction closes as the curse of realization begins.
sources pitchfork & wikipedia


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