ASAD#3 – Dirty raw blues rock

Heavy blues as raw and dirty it can get. Jordan Cook, his guitar, his voice and his foot stomping triggering the lonely bass drum. Even Ozzy Osborn got confused if it is a one man project or a band, but in fact its both. On the album and also on stage Cook gets accompanied form time to time by a bassist and a drummer, but often he appears on his own. He sometimes gets referred to as the new Jack White, but he is more than that. At the age of 15 he and his former band joined the stage at the Montreaux Jazz Festival with legends like B.B. King and Van Morrison. And now he heads off into Dave Growls studio 606 to record his first album. I am very excited for this!

His music is crazy wild, he is crazy wild and his live performances are well known. He rides security guards, screams his lungs out, isn’t afraid to get soaking wet or hurt himself by falling of a roof. He is really intense and so is his heavy distorted, screaming and raw guitar play.

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