From now on I try to post a song a day (following my old school a joke a day).

The first one comes from Alt-J. This indie-pop band from Leeds have made a name to them in 2012 by winning the Mercury Prize, at least in the UK. With their album This is yours they remained on airplay with various singles. What makes them fascinating for me is their unconventional approach to songwriting and its variety on the album. The first single Hunger of the pine starts of by building a gentle sound around a simple synthesizer pattern and the warm sounding voice of John Newman. But suddenly in the process of adding layers of instruments, a drum sample combined with a piercing voice hook drops in and seemingly breaks the piece up for an instant. Enjoy the listening besides the spoilers. The official video very harshly showing a man that gets hunted down and shot by arrows. Its very high production value combined with a man running for his life and the music creates an uncanny mood while watching. Here is the link to it.

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